Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hey everyone, the TV movie I had the pleasure of doing some animation work on will be airing this weekend. The animation goes by quickly and is meant to replicate an FPS video game that a woman is playing just before her friend turns the TV off. Tune in for the TV Premiere of BURNED on BET this Sunday, October 2nd at 11:00 p.m. EST or 8 p.m. PST! Directed and Produced by Phyllis Toben Bancroft. Introducing Bianca LaVerne Jones and guest starring Eric Roberts, Josef Cannon and Elijah Rock (and many more). Set your TV sets and/or your DVR's to BET on Sunday--the show might be listed as "Lens on Talent" on your program guide. Thanks for your support!

Check out the official trailer for the film here:

P.S. The shot I animated for the show is currently visible on my animation demo reel.