2020 Unannounced and Upcoming (Short)
VFX Supervisor and Compositor: Sageous Studios

2020 Bad Boys for Life (Film)
Pre-visualization Artist: The Third Floor, Inc. - uncredited

2020 Star Trek: Picard (TV Series)
Pre-Visualization Artist: Pixomondo
- Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1 (2020)
- Nepenthe (2020)
- The End Is the Beginning (2020)

2019 Happy Holidays from PXO (Short)
CGFX Simulation Animator: Pixomondo

2019 The Hunt (Film)
Compositor: Pixomondo

2019 Midway (Film)
Animation Layout Artist, Pre-visualization Artist: Pixomondo

2019 Ghost Recon: Breakpoint "Pledge" (Commercial)
Pre-visualization Artist: Pixomondo

2019 For All Mankind (TV Series)
Pre-visualization, Animation, Lighting, and Rendering: Pixomondo
- Episode #1.10
- Hi Bob

2019 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (Film)
Pre-visualization Artist: The Thid Floor

2019 Star Trek: Discovery (TV Series)
Post-visualization Artist
- What's Past Is Prologue

2019 Goliath (TV Series)
Post-visualization Artist and Pre-visualization Artist
- Episode #3.2 and #3.3

2019 Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Film)
Previs Artist: The Third Floor - uncredited

2019 The Orville (TV Series)
Layout and Animation: Pixomondo
- Identity, Part II

2018 (Unnamed Japanese Film)
Character Creature Rigger: Aaron Sims Creative

2018 Aquaman (Film)
Postvis Artist: The Third Floor - uncredited

2018 The Christmas Chronicles (Film)
Previs Artist: The Third Floor - uncredited

2018 Venom (Film)
Previs Artists: The Third Floor Inc

2018 Avengers: Infinity War (Film)
Visualization Artist: The Third Floor

2018 Rampage (Film)
Previs Artist: The Third Floor - uncredited

2018 Tomb Raider (Film)
Previs Artist: The Third Floor

2018 The Malibu Tapes (Film)
Visual Effects Artist and Coordinator

2017 Clandestine League of Undercover Business (Short)
Visual Effects Artist: Sageous Studios

2017 Frederick (Short)
Visual Effects Creative Director: Sageous Studios

2016 Pine-Sol (Commercial)
Pre-visualization Artist: Mirada Studios

2016 Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (Film)
Previsualization Artist: The Third Floor

2016 General Mills Cereal & Skylanders Battlecast
"Transporter" and "Mobile Madness" (Commercials)
Animator and CG Generalist

2016 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs River Expedition (Short/Ride in Motiongate Park, Dubai)
CGI Technical Director

2016 Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon (Short/Ride in Universal Studios, Florida)
Previs Artist: The Third Floor

2016 Honda "The Power of Ridgeline" (Commercial)
Previs/Techvis Artist: The Third Floor

2016 The Martian VR Experience (Short)
Previsualization Artist/Shot Creator: The Third Floor

2016 Beer-Die Kid (Short)
Animator, CG Generalist, Compositor

2015 Arc Angel Industries TSD-100 (Commercial)
CG Generalist and Compositor

2015 Hell and Back (Film)
Previs Animator/Visual Effects Intern

2015 Spectrum (Short)
Character Rigger and Animator

2015 Crayons (Short)
Character Animator and Visual Effects Producer

2015 Myrna the Monster (Short)
Digital Effects

2014 A.S.T.A.R. (Short)
Animation Director and Visual Effects Supervisor

2014 Finding Monsters (VR Game/Short)
Animator, Rigger, Compositor, Storyboard Artist, Editor

2014 Loot Crate "Villains" (July - Short)
VFX Producer and Compositor

2014 Loot Crate "The WORST Transformer Ever" (June - Short)
Animation Director and Lead Animator

2014 The Hound of Heaven (Short)
Compositor and Visual Effects Producer

2014 Vice Versa (Short)
Compositor and Visual Effects Producer

2014 Steve Aoki Featuring Waka Flocka: Rage the Night Away (Music Video Short)
VFX Artist

2013 Wer (Film)
Visual Effects Artist and Coordinator: Almost Human Digital

2013 Ariel's Musical Surprise (VR Game)
Character Animator

2013 Dolphin Films (Title Logo)
Animator, Rigger, CG Generalist

2013 Club Penguin (Game)
Asset Modeller and Texture Artist

2013 The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live (Application)
Rotoscope Artist

2013 Channeling (aka "De@th on Live") (Film)
Visual Effects Artist

2013 Wallenda (Short)
Compositor - uncredited

2011 Burned (TV Movie)

2010 Faster (Film)
Rotoscope Artist - uncredited

2010 Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster (TV Movie)
Visual Effects Artist: FuseFX - uncredited

2010 Glee (TV Series)
VFX Artist / Intern: FuseFX - uncredited

2010 The Good Wife (TV Series)
VFX Artist / Intern: FuseFX - uncredited

2009 The Simpsons (TV Series)
Animation Production/Post-Production Intern: Film Roman - uncredited